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Wyatt Monroe

Wyatt Monroe signed with Roxhill Records in 2019 and immediately went to work recording his Roxhill EP debut, Voyage

Produced and recorded by Platinum Album producer, Joe Reineke, Voyage marked Wyatt's return to an alternative folk sound after self-producing two Rap / Trapp albums before signing with Roxhill.

Voyage blends Wyatt's diverse instrumental talents (he plays every instrument on the album), with powerfully moving lyrics, creating a sound that is as unique as it is beautiful.

In the summer of 2020 Wyatt returned to the studio to work on his second Roxhill project, a full length LP titled, Uproot.  

Uproot was written and recorded entirely during COVID, forcing Wyatt and Producer,  Cchype Crosby, to record the album in Crosby's home studio.  Rather than impacting the quality of the album, it actually added to the mystique of producing an album in the midst of a global pandemic.

Set to release June 18th, 2021, Uproot, with tracks like Sleeping Alone, Divide & Conquer, Slaves of a Richer Man, and Glum Lord, speaks to the album's reflection of 2020, a year that witnessed a nation in turmoil, a global pandemic, and a economic depression, all of which had a profound and personal impact on the lives and relationships of countless people.

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Generation Nil

Generation Nil was one of the first bands to sign with Roxhill in early 2018.  

Though the band is new, the members are not new to the music scene, with each member having paved their own way as solo artists.  In 2017 the four musicians embarked on a journey to  join forces, each one bringing their own unique perspective and sound.  The result is an eclectic sound that defies genre labels.

In 2021 Gen Nil will head to the studio to produce their first EP as a band, excited to see where the collaboration leads them.

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Image by Hans Vivek
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